What We Do

Regal Institute offers assistance, training and consulting services to groups and businesses such as nonprofit entities. We give technical assistance by utilizing technology- telephone or e-mail, design and deliver workshops and trainings to nonprofit organizations.

Strategic Outreach:

We provide advocacy and solutions to support people that at disadvantage.


We serve as technical advisor on issues related to public health.

Performance based consulting and delivers proven result:

Regal Institute's system approach focus on: Hazards Vulnerability Assessment as its impact on human health and public health system


As public health and safety standards around the world are constantly changing, companies must make all effort to provide essential safety education and training to their employees so stay ahead of the curve.  We are inspired to help create a world where people, no matter their circumstances, have access to quality health services. We collaborate with respected organizations to provide health and safety education to families, groups and others who work in diverse industries to keep them healthy.

Project Monitoring:

We assist businesses to manage and monitor their projects.

Research & Data Analysis:

We conduct public health research to inform and translate science into interventions. Our research find ways to link research with practice that can enhance quality of life and improve community health.

Our team include professionals with a variety of expertise across all settings.  They include public health practitioners, occupational health and safety, Industrial Hygienist, epidemiologist and others that provides innovative solutions to population health.

Process Improvement and drive program:

We providee services to enable businesses enhance their effectiveness and strengthen their capacity

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

Our corporate office is located in