Child Health

We believe that in life, every child deserves good and healthy living conditions and an equitable chance to thrive so that they can achieve their full potential.

Regal Institute is dedicated to keeping the children safe and healthy!  We offer a wide variety of programs and educational services for families to help their children (birth to 21 years of age) reach the highest potential. A few of the resources to parents include:

Dental – Oral health along with parenting education to keep a child’s teeth clean and healthy.

Kids Safety First – This was established for the prevention of unintentional childhood injury, among others, unintentional injuries are still the leading cause of fatalities among children below 18 years.

Our commitment is to promote, prevent and reducing injuries and disability to children through education and by providing safety equipment to families in need.

We provide information and education on:

  • Home safety, including safe sleep for infants
  • Child passenger safety
  • Poison prevention
  • Water safety
  • Children Environmental Health 1st

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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