Panama City, FL

Panama City, FL is located on St. Andrews Bay in the Florida Panhandle which is said to be the place of marina and seafood restaurant lined in the sidewalks of the street. The city is popular worldwide due to the distinct charm of its beach which attracts tourists. Although Panama City is less populated compared to Jacksonville, the cost of living and health related expenses are much higher.

We at Regal Institute provide proper education focused on the importance of food nutrition. We also conduct regular food safety training around Panama City, FL to share knowledge about food poisoning. The government unit of Panama City gives high importance to food sanitation and hygiene, that's why, several restaurants and food industry has been closed because they failed to meet the requirements implemented by the government. We are committed in giving awareness regarding the importance of food safety which is why we are offering this kind of training to everyone. We are hoping that by the end of every training, the number of food poisoning cases will eventually decrease.

Aside from that, Regal Institute also conducts occupational health and safety training in Panama City, FL to let employees learn additional skills, and knowledge, and to reinforce the quality of work practices which can have an impact in workplace behavior. This way, employees can avoid workplace incidents. Although the cost of investing in this kind of program is a little high, if you think of it in the long run, it will be so efficient not just for you as an employer but for your employees as well.

Health is the most important aspect of living. Employed or unemployed, every individual must give high importance to his/her health. One way to avoid getting in trouble because of food poisoning or other health related problems is by attending food safety trainings. Be one with Regal Institute as we conduct programs regarding food safety trainings as well as occupation health and safety training. Contact us now!

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