An effective outreach activity and/or program is characterized by consistent, varied approaches and the utilization of a multi-disciplinary perspective to both determine and address the root of the problem, even if just momentarily. Good outreach programs not only provide much needed supplies, but also the gift of physical and mental support as well through the presence of individuals who care for those who are in need. Outreach programs not only alleviate problems materially with the provision of basic needs such as food, clothing, and so on, but can also raise awareness in and among the target community itself, letting residents know that there are advocacies and efforts geared towards helping them. Perhaps, then, they will be motivated to do the same for themselves and for others.

Regal Institute is a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization committed to promoting health and safety through objective data research and analysis. We have a number of local outreach programs as well as global outreach initiatives, all aimed at providing humanitarian assistance and improving the quality of life in vulnerable communities in the United States and around the world. Through compassion and respect, we extend a “long arm of love” to the places that are in need. Our outreach programs encompass dental assistance and injury rehabilitation assistance for children and families.

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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