Macon, GA

"The Heart of Georgia." That is what people call Macon, a city 85 miles to the south of Atlanta. Within Macon, locals and visitors alike enjoy many festivals, farmers and crafts markets, museums, restaurants, its large park (Macon is known as a city within a park), arts exhibits and shopping establishments. Snaking through the city of Macon is the Ocmulgee River, frequented for its sights and many natural attractions.

Regal Institute is one of the humanitarian aid organizations in Macon, GA, hard at work in the commitment to provide vulnerable and low-income communities and families basic human necessities such as safe drinking water, clean and nutritious food, and proper hygiene instruments and practices—through a multidisciplinary approach utilizing information education campaigns or the provision of the actual needs themselves. With a mission of raising health and quality of life for vulnerable sectors of society, Regal Institute tirelessly conducts regular programs and outreaches with aims to achieve its mission.

Our programs come from a sense of compassion, built with a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach, promoting health and safety through objective, data-backed research and on-the-ground consultations. We have programs focusing on (1) Community and Child Health, (2) Sustainable Development, (3) Food Hygiene & Safety, (4) Micro-Enterprise, and (5) Safe Drinking Water. As a reader can see, we focus on the most basic, starting with physical necessities, and emphasizing the capacity of the individual.

We are one of the local charities to donate to in Macon, GA, who make sure that whatever resources you might provide are put to use and placed in the hands of the individuals who truly need them. Whether it be oral hygiene instruments such as toothpastes and toothbrush, consumables such as food or water, or whatever assistance you might provide, there is a community in Macon that will greatly appreciate it.

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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