Healthy Homes For Children

Regal Institute is restoring hope to the less privileged and the sick. We provide home remediation and environmental improvement for the vulnerable population. Our project goals are to reduce indoor pollutants that can cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis in children and elderly, home rehabilitation due to injury, and home energy improvement for the elderly. Also, reducing both hospital and doctor visits and eliminating the number of absent days from school or work due to illness.

Typical Areas of Home Improvements Includes:

  • Prevention against toxic substances like dust mites and mold that may require a critical home repair for medical needs (such as pediatric asthma)
  • Accessibility and safety modifications (such as ergonomics repairs, grab bars, shower seats, raised toilets, smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors, ramps,air purifiers, wheelchairs, and medical device accessibility)
  • Energy-efficient upgrades-some solar energy improvement may be considered for homeowners in need.

Target Populations:

  • Low-income families
  • Pediatric asthma and related respiratory disorders
  • Elderly
  • Disabled/Special Need Populations
  • Veterans
  • Disaster victims

How To Apply:

Step 1: Register and complete our online application at www.regalinstitute.org
Step 2: Submit necessary documentation
Step 3: Approval process

In our continuous efforts, we are protecting children from water borne diseases through our Water Sanitation Project, we are proud to say that through December 31, 2022, Regal Institute will donate a portion of proceeds raised in support of UNICEF’s lifesaving programs for the world’s most vulnerable children.

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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