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Focusing mainly on Leon County, FL—also known as the “Big Bend” area, we at Regal Institute have been committed to providing quality local outreach programs to the vulnerable sectors of society.

Dental assistance

Proper dental hygiene goes beyond being purely for cosmetics, and is also a lifetime investment in health. It helps in reducing the possibility of any costs in the long run. Good dental care procedures aren’t only for a great self-image and the self-confidence that comes along with such, but also help retain the normal function of our teeth. Regal Institute provides those in need in the Leon County area with assistance in oral hygiene and dental care with our local outreach programs.

Injury rehabilitation assistance

It hits us hard when we realize that, after an accident and/or injury, we are unable to do the things we enjoyed doing before the damage was done. Physical tasks that we used to enjoy such as going for a walk and working out, to laborious but necessary work that involves lifting awkward objects, are all removed from our options due to the debilitation we are put into because of accidents.

Regal Institute helps the people in these situations cope by providing them with material assistance and social support through our local outreach programs, in order to help them, even in the tiniest, get them back in good and healthy condition.


Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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