Serving the areas of Guatemala and Nicaragua in Central America, the team at Regal Institute uses its multidisciplinary approach and expertise in order to provide quality global outreach programs to the communities-in-need in the said areas.


Family dental care assistance programs

Dental hygiene and proper oral care practices go a long way. Good dental health is not only for cosmetic purposes, but is a lifelong investment that reduces the possibility of any additional restorative expenses down the road.

The key to good dental health is consistent individual practice, the knowledge of its importance, as well as regular appointments, consultations and check-ups with dental health professionals. With our global outreach programs, Regal Institute provides those in need in key areas in Central America with assistance in oral hygiene and dental assistance.


Assistance after injury

A serious accident can leave a person with injuries that will debilitate that person and render him or her unable to do things he or she had previously regularly done and had enjoyed doing. Going for long walks, hiking up mountains, going swimming, or even regular and necessary tasks such as going to the grocery all become arduous and laborious beyond tolerance.

Regal Institute seeks to aid in the recovery of these people by providing them with physical and social support through our global outreach programs, in order to help them, even if slowly and bit-by-bit, get back in good condition.

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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