For Mature Students

Whether you have been away from school for so long or you are thinking about advancing your career opportunities, our Institute is ready to help.

In today’s labor market, many employers find it difficult to fill their vacant positions, mainly because they cannot find good qualify candidates. Similarly, in order for an individual To be competitive in the global market, he or she must have marketable skills and well-educated.

We provide solutions to the needs of individuals who want to better prepare themselves for advancement and equip them with success strategy and time management skills.

Career and/or College Readiness (CCR):

We create a conducive learning environment for students to work at their own pace to complete high school credits in maths and sciences.

Likewise, our program is designed to help individuals discover their potentials in academic and employability skills Whether it’s college, trade school, or the workplace provides learners with the tools to prepare them for a better future. The program areas include but not limited to the following:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Job analysis
  • Job readiness
  • Self-employment/entrepreneurship

English as a Second Language (ESL):

Adults who speak a native language other than English and have limited English skills are welcome at our Institute to hone their English for employment or personal enrichment. These courses are often taught by ESL-certified professionals. Students practice reading, writing and speaking English.

Computer Literacy:

Computer skills have become a prerequisite for many office jobs, including secretarial and business work. Basic computer skills are offered at the Institute for individuals who are inspiring to advance in their careers or personal enrichment.

Financial Literacy

We provide personal financial education to individuals and groups alike. Our classes cover topics such as, but not limited to:

Budgeting: How To Budget
Saving Strategy: How To Save An Emergency Fund
Debt Reduction
Setting Financial Goals
Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Commitment is to serve those most-in-need and alleviate suffering within United States and around the world.

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